About company

Today Uralcryomash JSC is a diversified, steadily and fast developing enterprise and one of the leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment, operating in the Russian and world markets.

Highly skilled personnel; in-house design office; experience in handling pressure vessels, explosion and fire hazardous gases and liquids;

knowledge and understanding of processes associated with cooling; understanding of processes associated with gas cooling/supercooling and temperature maintenance, required equipment and nondestructive testing tools allow our company to fulfill diverse orders, maintaining high quality and meeting the deadlines set.

A special design office OKB-250 for cryogenic and ground operation equipment was formed
OKB designed mobile filling facilities for launch vehicles that carried the Vostok 1 spacecraft and the first artificial satellites into outer space.

Uralcryomash was founded on 1st October, 1945, when under a Regulation of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR a special design office OKB-250 for cryogenic and ground operation equipment, headed by Mefody Nikolaevich Veremiev, was formed as part of SUE F.E. Dzerzhinsky Uralvagonzavod (currently Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation Open Joint Stock Company).

For customers

Uralcryomash designs and manufactures transport facilities and tanks for handling aggressive media and operating under extreme conditions. Please contact our sales office for any questions concerning the manufacture and delivery of both serial and exclusive products.

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