About company

Today Uralcryomash JSC is a diversified, steadily and fast developing enterprise and one of the leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment, operating in the Russian and world markets.

Highly skilled personnel; in-house design office; experience in handling pressure vessels, explosion and fire hazardous gases and liquids; knowledge and understanding of processes associated with cooling; understanding of processes associated with gas cooling/supercooling and temperature maintenance, required equipment and nondestructive testing tools allow our company to fulfill diverse orders, maintaining high quality and meeting the deadlines set.

Uralcryomash has succeeded in producing transport facilities and fixed tanks as well as cryogenic piping and converter systems.

The Company specialises in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels (operating pressure of up to 32 atmospheres) which can operate in active media, are 600 to 3,400 mm in diameter, 6 to 200 м3 in volume and have product storage temperatures from – 253°C to +200°C.

The company’s products meet and conform to all the requirements imposed by the RF Rostechnadzor on such product types, which is supported by relevant certificates.

Our Company has long-term experience in the design and manufacture of specialised rail tank cars for transportation of various gases in cryogenic liquefied state. Uralcryomash is a monopolist in Russia and the CIS countries in manufacturing specialised rail tank cars for the 1,520 mm track gauge.

One of Uralcryomash’s core business areas is development, manufacture and domestic promotion of tank containers for various products. Uralcryomash’s products are directly inspected at each manufacturing stage and finally accepted by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Today we are Russia’s only company offering cryogenic tank containers for transportation of liquefied natural gas.

The marketing and product sales policy of Uralcryomash is aimed at ensuring that the Company’s structural divisions and each employee/worker remain continuously focused on the most complete satisfaction of our potential Clients’ needs.