Launch site “Vostochny” and Uralcryomash
image Uralcryomash received a Certificate of Conformance for the rail tank car, model 15-558S-04 for transportation and storage of liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon. Twenty such tank cars will be produced and delivered to launch site “Vostochny” according to the contract with ROSCOSMOS (Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation). The first batch from 10 pcs will be shipped to the customer until November 30 of the current year. The second batch is planned to ship in the 1st half year of 2015.

At present Uralcryomash is executing two large state contracts. The order load for such equipment is very significant and substantial for the cryogenic engineers of Nizhny Tagil. For the work scope these two orders take 25-30 % of the whole production.

By 2nd contract Uralcryomash shall also manufacture and deliver the equipment to launch site “Vostochny”. The first batch of the vessel equipment for storage of kerosene and naphthyl was manufactured and shipped in January-February, 2014. It is already installed at the launch site. The next stage by contract includes production of the valve cabinets together with the electrical equipment, instruments and controls, and pneumatic equipment. The deadline of the contract completion is May, 2015. The shipment of the next product consignment is planned for November, 2014. Supervising installation and commissioning will be also performed by the Nizhny Tagil specialists.

Uralcryomash builds large plans for future as well. Construction of the 2nd stage at launch site “Vostochny” in which Uralcryomash will take an active part is under discussion. Operations will cover production of the vessel equipment, storage and propellant-feed systems. At the moment the draw pre-contract work is being made. In the field of manufacturing of a large range of storage tanks Uralcryomash occupies its niche and has a positive reputation.