New large project of Uralcryomash
At OJSC “Uralcryomash” a new production program for the three years (2015-2017) is being prepared. Within this program an important project is being implemented – construction of a new production facility. It is planned to manufacture there 3 500 equipment units, including rail tank cars, tank containers for LPG and LNG shipment and storage, and stationary cryogenic vessels. The production site and site building will be performed on the territory of the former plant for production of reinforced concrete products.

The building area for the new facility will take about 50 000 square meters with the supposed number of staff (workers and maintenance people) of about 400 men. In 2013 Uralcryomash acquired ownership of the property of the former reinforced concrete plant and its infrastructure.
The First Deputy Director General, Andrey Prosvirkin, notes:
For the plant construction of a new production site is his new lease of life, taking into consideration the current demand and need in the gas motor fuel and focus of production state programs on it.
Construction of a new production site will allow increasing the production volumes. As a result of it, volumes of total output and revenues will grow; there will be more social programs, and more workplaces. The old workshops will operate for production of prototype products.     

The production facility will consist of five aisles. The two aisles will be used for production of cryogenic equipment, the third – for flatcars, the fourth – for production of the gas tank for transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), model 15-588-01, which was certified in 2013, and the fifth aisle will be prepared for production of containers – models KTS and KTSH, which are in demand now as well.  

Currently engineering studies and a technical assignment for design of the new production site have been made; projects of technical solutions for production of the above said products have been prepared as well. It is planned to conduct a tender for the general contractor, upon completion of which the construction activities will start.