Inauguration of Mefody Veremiev's bust
image Inauguration of the memorable bust of Chief Designer, Mefody Veremiev, took place on the day of the OJSC “Uralcryomash” 60th anniversary celebration (October 3, 2014).
The bust was unveiled in the presence of the company’s top management: Dmitry Skoropupov (Director General), Oleg Cheremnykh (Designer General), Rudolf Zashlyapin (Chief Designer); plant’s veterans and employees. In the words of those present, a local sculptor, Angelica Yuzhakova, reconstructed the Designer’s looks with incredible accuracy.

Oleg Cheremnykh – student and team-mate of the legendary Designer – said that the impulse Mefody Veremiev gave strength to the Russian cryogenics, still has its influence and importance for the space exploration development.

 A special design office OKB-250 for cryogenic and ground operation equipment was formed at the Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation on October 1st, 1954. The same year Mefody Veremiev was appointed for Chief Designer. Sergey Korolev (Chief Designer of R&D Institute-88 of Ministry of Defense Industry) personally included the name of Mefody Veremiev into the roll of candidates for the USSR most prestigious award – the Lenin Peace Prize – after development of the mobile liquid-oxygen filling system for the “Vostok” space rocket, which lifted the first earth satellite in an orbit. After the first human space flight Veremiev was honored with the order of Lenin. Thus the country’s leadership estimated contribution of Chief Designer, OKB-250 and Uralvagonzavod’s team to the exploration of outer space.

At present the design office created by Veremiev has become a center of scientific and technical ideas. OJSC “Uralcryomash” participation in the country’s space programs is under way in new projects, including the Vostochny launch site.